About Govt. Polytechnic College, Shopian

Govt. polytechnic College Shopian, established in the year 2012 is situated at Baskuchan-Malikgund on Shopian-Imamsahib Road. The Institute established on a vast chunk of land is surrounded by Apple Orchards of Shopian, famous for their sweetness. The college presently offers 3 years diploma programs in Electronics & Communication Engineering, and Instrumentation & Control Engineering. In coming years, demand-driven, market-oriented courses will be offered with specialization in trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IoT), and Cyber Security. This area is famous for apples, so Food and Horticulture Technology Diploma Programs will also be offered in near future. The Institute strives to promote and built an ecosystem to encourage curious young minds, the problem-solving skills, in the fields of Engineering, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. The Institute is in the vicinity of the Lassipora Industrial Growth Center-one the largest Industry-hubs in Kashmir which is a major strength for this institution in terms of placement of passouts and an opportunity for IGC-Lassipora to train their unskilled and semi-Skilled workforce over here.

Institutes can not survive in isolation but have to have well-established and functional Industry-Institute Interaction (III Linkages) mechanisms to partner with the Industries and the Market. Govt. Polytechnic Shopian has also entered into MOU with several Industries and Business Associations. By actively engaging with Industry, the Polytechnic shall be able to provide solutions to day-to-day technical, and engineering problems faced by the Industry/market, besides providing them the customized technical human resources.
The delivery of knowledge and the development of tech

ical skills among students is a big challenge, we are focusing on improving the Teaching-Learning Processes and providing hassle-free knowledge delivery through offline-online (blended) modes to the aspirants. It is a vivid fact that the promotion and delivery of Knowledge is not a one-man show but all (Technicians, Engineers, Researchers, and Scientists) contribute and play their roles at the appropriate time and space to bring out the products for the welfare of humanity. Our focus is also to develop laboratory/workshop infrastructure to support Research and Design in the development of applications/gadgets suited to the local industry and market. Govt. Polytechnic Shopian will also put up its efforts to identify the problems of the local Industry/market and develop the required solutions on scientific lines. We are developing laboratories and other infrastructure on these lines.

Students enrolled at present, their parents, the faculty, and the pass-outs (alumni) have a role and directly or indirectly contribute to the development of this Institution. Alumni are our ambassadors who help us reach out to places far and wide. The contributions of the Alumni in the fields of Engineering, Technology, and Economy is our contribution. This institution strives to serve humanity and help curious students dream big.

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